2012-13 Sub-Teams

The 2012-2013 season has taken off! If you have not yet signed up for a sub team, please do so.

Robotics sub team plans

Fabrication – Safety First: start reviewing safety powerpoints

Programming – Discuss programming needs and issues for robot. Think about how to begin the autonomous section of program

Strategy – Review videos on youtube of past robotics competitions

Driver – Do same as fabrication team

Website – Look at current website and examine all pages/windows for how it can be improved

Business – Start putting together a business plan to develop sponsors

Marketing – Start plans for T-shirt and button designs

Photography/Video – Make plans as to who will be taking pictures of each club meeting. Get pictures of current meeting subteams. Where will pictures be stored – check with Mr. W

CAD – Start learning SoldiWorks – do tutorials 1&2 – check with Mr. W for how to get started.

Design – Work with strategy (see above) to determine best basic design to build bot from.

Safety – Work with fabrication team for safety training.


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